The koalas are by far the cutest thing I have seen so far.  I still haven’t seen a kangaroo, but I just don’t see what could be cuter than a koala.  We drove off the road up a gravel road through a eucalyptus forest.  I can see why koalas love the eucalyptus trees because they smell so good.  I think I could live in that forest.  The first koala we saw was sleeping on a tree so close to eye level.  We then drove further up and saw one eating way up in a tree.  It is pretty remarkable to see the koala sit on a very small branch.  They didn’t seem bothered at all that we were there.  I took a lot of photos of them and tried to pick the best ones.  I know everybody will want a koala after seeing these.  (Click on the photo to view the slideshow.)

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