The flight was easy…maybe too easy. We never had our ID checked or anything. You do go through security but everyone can go through there. People were able to meet people at the gate. They had dogs check our bag in Hobart when we got off the plane to make sure we weren’t bringing in any quarantined items. They do use the cutest dogs. I thought it was pretty impressive watching the dog walk on the baggage as it was going around the carousel.

We got our car and drove into Hobart in search of our apartment. Once we checked in we had to head out and get dinner as we were starving. We walked around in search of dinner. Fish and chips are everywhere. We finally decided to try the Indian restaurant though, and it was fantastic. Honestly, if you are seafood lover, Hobart is the place for you. We could see the fish coming off the fishing boats and ready for sale.

Oh and by the way we didn’t have internet so I’m a little late in posting all of this.


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