Leaving Ljubljana

Ljubljana was a lovely city that has some old world charm and modern technology.  All waiters/waitress can print you a receipt from their belt.  When people pay with credit card, people just put their phone on top of a machine at the table.  America is so far behind with credit card technology.  Even the hotel room was high tech.  I never could figure out how to turn the AC or heat on but for once the room cleaning people could tell if people were in the room and didn’t need to knock.  You wave your key in front of this screen outside the door to get in.  Then the screen let’s people know if there are people in the room and even more they can tell if somebody is in the bed.  The people were all very nice and you everyone spoke pretty perfect English.   Most menus were all listed in English, German, Italian and Slovene.  So don’t be afraid to visit Ljubljana if you don’t know Slovene.  You really won’t have any problems communicating or ordering.

This morning was our last morning in Ljubljana.  It was pretty rainy so we got soaked.  We walked to the outdoor market.  I think my favorite stand was the lady who sold dried herbs in large yellow bags.  Along the river, there is an indoor fish market.  We walked to the botanical garden because I love taking photos of flowers but there wasn’t much blooming right now.  Actually we got soaked walking there and it was difficult to get a camera out. 
Before checking out, we walked to Hertz and picked up our car.  I paid a little extra to get a luxury automatic car.  OK, it isn’t luxury but it is automatic.  It is a very small VW Polo.  So we are off to Bled, Slovenia now which is up in the Alps.  By the way the weather looks, I’m not sure we will actually see a mountain. 

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