Maribor has been different from any other city in Slovenia I have visited.  There aren’t tourist busses or English menus everywhere.  There were some cute clay houses around all of the trees on a main square.  I’m pretty impressed that people don’t steal them or knock them over.  I can also say I have seen the oldest producing grape vine in the world.

Perhaps my favorite photo is of the elevator in our hotel.  We have a room on the 6thfloor but you have to push number 3.  It is pretty confusing when you are tired.

We found a cute market to walk around and then we headed to the square to look at the music going on.  We also needed some lunch and since it seems like nobody eats out here it has been harder to find food.  Most people eat at home and just go out to get a drink.  There were some sausage stands in the square, and we thought maybe we should try some sausage.  I walked up to the stand and asked if they spoke English.  Naturally they did not so I ordered 2 plates of sausages using German.  I would have loved to know that one plate was 6 sausages but of course that isn’t advertised.  They  were wonderful people and I tried really hard to be polite and eat all of my sausages but I just couldn’t do it. 

Tomorrow we will be leaving Slovenia for Austria.  We went to the train station and got our train ticket.  The train station was like taking a step back in time as there were no machines and the station basically had no people.  The man did not speak English so I got our tickets using German.  Pretty crazy to think that all of western Slovenia speaks perfect English and here is mainly German.  I guess we are only 15 minutes or so from the Austrian border.

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