Split, Croatia

We decided to leave Trogir a little early and stop in Split for an hour.  It was a little rough leaving our parking spot in Trogir and I even had a man who lived in the house next to our spot try to get the car out.  I think I would have had a hard time getting the car out if it was automatic.

Split is on the Adriatic and is the second largest city in Croatia.  Split is centered around the ancient Roman Palace of the Emperor Diocletian.  The palace was constructed around AD 305.  This is what we wanted to see and I was determined I would find a parking spot.  We basically drove all the way into the center just to find out the parking lot was full. Split is also the hub for ferry boats to all the islands and Italy.  I turned around and then realized I was in the ferry line for Italy.  Yikes, I don’t have time to take a boat to Italy when I should be heading to Bosnia & Herzegovina later in the day.  I got turned around and found some parking a little further out.  Of course I’m pretty sure I’m the only fool who paid money to park since everyone else never put money into the machine.

Split was good for a short visit but I’m not sure I could handle the crowds all day.  The palace was worth the visit and we were treated to a nice choir which I will post later.

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