Trogir here we come…

The drive from Plitvice to Trogir (along the Adriatic Sea) was about 3 hours.  Trogir is an island that is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Driving instructions weren’t the greatest to the room we were renting.  The streets were narrow, full of cars and people and then you have the Vespas cruising by you on either side.  It took us about 3 times driving around trying to find the sign that sounded like would be a big sign we couldn’t miss.  In fact, it was a little brown sign, and the turn wasn’t really onto a street but a little ally way.  Driving in Trogir really helped my confidence with the stick, but I have determined that I think it is way easier to backup than it is to go forward.  The room we rented also said parking is no problem that they have a spot.  They didn’t mention that it was a very small street and hard to get in and out of.  I was just hoping nobody would come down the street at the same time we go up. There isn’t room for a person to walk by the car so I’m not sure what you would do if a car came.

We knocked on the door and waited.  Knock again and still nothing.  Check in was to start at 2 and we were there around 2:30.  Hmm we didn’t have a phone to call so we weren’t sure what to do.  Really doesn’t help when you have to go to the bathroom.  We tried to see if the WiFi was unprotected so we could email, but no luck.  We had no way to contact the owner.  So we left a note on the car and headed into town with as much of our valuable belongings as possible because we need to find someone with a phone.  We walk to the tourist office which was closed (Sunday).  We then walk over a bridge and into old town.  We find another tourist office and the lady kindly called the owner for us.  The owner lady drove and picked us up.  (Turns out she was busy cleaning a room in the back of the house.)

Trogir has a long history but you can tell by the architecture that Venice had some influence.  The white cobblestone walk ways are so clean that it is easy to slip.  It almost seems like you are walking on marble.

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