Mostar has some beautiful architecture and scenery.  The Neretva river runs through the town and you have beautiful mountains that surround the city.  Mostar sits down in the valley.  The Old Bridge that was rebuilt is very slippery and difficult to walk up and down.

We had two nights in Mostar so we had some time to relax and take in the city at a slower pace.  The city is very sleepy in the morning and evenings.  I think they are busiest during the middle of the day when people make day trips from Dubrovnik or Split to visit the city.

I’m very used to church bells in Europe but this is the first city I have ever been in that had a Muslim call to prayer.  At certain times of day, the call to prayer would come over the loud speaker.

It seemed like all the restaurants served the same food.  I found the sausages that I had in Plitvice so I treated myself to more of those.  They were served with this huge piece of bread.  I’m pretty sure after two nights of sausage, I don’t need anymore for awhile.

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