En Route to Dubrovnik

We drove from Ston to Dubrovnik in probably some of the worst weather I have ever had to drive in.  The rain was huge and it came down all at once.  It probably didn’t help that we were driving on a steep cliff with a lot of sharp curves.  At one point, it was coming down so hard that my windshield wipers couldn’t keep up.  I was happy to see a bus stop off to my right and I was able to pullover.  I was also happy I did because about 3 minutes up the road there was a bad accident involving 3 cars and a truck.

In Dubrovnik, we stayed in an apartment about 30 minutes walking distance to the old town.  It was a lot cheaper and easier with the car to stay outside of the old town.  Included in the price of our apartment was a free ride up Mt Srd to get a view of the old town.  Tony, the owner of the apartment loves to talk and to take guests on trips.  His wife gave us some schnapps while we waited for him to come home to give us the ride.  Once he got home, he sat on the terrace with us for an hour talking about the city map.  I was beginning to wonder if we would ever get to see the town or if he was just going to talk for 3 days.

We arrived around 2 and, finally at 5, he said he would take us to the top of Mt. Srd and then drop us off in old town.  The view was very nice, but it was cold.  Tony talked to us about the war that he lived through, and the importance of the fort at the top of Mt. Srd.  According to Tony, the Croatian government has sold some the land on top of Mt. Srd to an Israeli company, and they plan to develop the area with golf courses and shops.  There is actually a path that people can walk up to there from the old town.  Can’t say I’m sad I don’t have my running shoes.  There was one guy running up with no problem.  I’m pretty sure I would have needed an oxygen tank when I got to the top.

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