Hike from Appenzell

We woke up early on Sunday to go on a hike. We bought bread the day before at the bakery and decided to skip breakfast at the hotel so we could start the hike. (Breakfast isn’t until 8:30 which is very late for us.) We left at 6:45 mostly because we were still watching the Portland Timbers game.

The hike was a pretty easy walk for 2 hours. We were hiking to a cable car so we could go up Ebenalp. The path was mostly paved or gravel until the very end when we had to follow the cow pasture. Needless to say, our suitcases might smell like the cow pasture now because the grass was so long. My shoes and socks were soaked but it was all worth it in the end. The moon was still visible in the sky over the Alps and the early morning walk was pretty perfect.

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1 thought on “Hike from Appenzell

  1. Hiking…my most favorite outdoor activity, and you did a really great one! I’m green. 🙂 It looks so wonderful!

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