En Route to Vevey

We left Kandersteg yesterday after saying goodbye to our wonderful hosts. I’m pretty sure I have never had a host give me a hug on my way out the door. I think we have convinced them that they need to come to Portland someday. They have sailed all over the world but they have never been to the US. Their medical insurance covered them to go anywhere in the world except for the United States while they were sailing. They said it was too expensive to be covered in the US so they had to skip it.

The drive took us through the Alps and into the French region of Switzerland. I enjoyed the green rolling hills and snow top mountains as I drive. I found a place to pull over and take a couple of pictures out my car window.




Here is a short video of what our drive looked like…including the dirty windshield.

1 thought on “En Route to Vevey

  1. Hmm…not sure I’d like to drive that road in the winter. It looks so enormously gorgeous. I want to go back to Switzerland; thanks to your photos, videos and narrative.

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