Murten & Basel

Today was a travel day from Vevey, Switzerland to Colmar, France. We have been so lucky with all the blue sky, but today we had a little rain and gray skies. It was fine though since we were driving most of the day, and I don’t mind a day with out the sunglasses.

Since we couldn’t check in to our inn until 4:30 we stopped in Murten and Basel Switzerland. I thought Murten was a cute little town. Most of the shops and restaurants were closed since it was Monday, but it was a nice to walk around. I didn’t take many photos in Basel as it was a little more rainy. Basel is pretty unique as it is located in Switzerland but has suburbs in France and Germany. The Rhine goes through Basel, and the river is big enough there to have larger ships carry cargo out to the North Sea.

Most of the pictures are of Murten. The only picture of Basel is the very red building which is the city hall.

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4 thoughts on “Murten & Basel

  1. A little town doesn’t get any more picturesque. I love the architecture and really enjoyed seeing the window decor. Great photos, Valerie!

  2. How did I get this cute little bandit/Viking/one legged/stick arms and mouth full of teeth creature next to my replies? 🙂

    • I thought a Viking was very fitting for you 🙂 Actually I’m not sure how the little pictures are picked for people but I think it is funny.

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