Colmar was a cute town to have as a base but after 4 nights there, I was ready to move on. It was pretty quiet there the first couple of nights but Thursday was a holiday and it seemed like everybody come to the town. It was full of people and harder to find a seat to eat meals. Colmar has little canals which are called Little Venice. They aren’t canals that I would want to go in but I guess boats really do go down them. People have to really duck when they go under the bridges.

Every Tuesday night in Colmar during the summer months, they have a folk dance display with live music. It started at 8:30 PM and I was surprised when they ended shortly after 10. I enjoyed the music and dancing, but I think the 3 kids enjoyed the time a lot more. I think the hardest part of standing around so much was all the people smoking around us.

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