We drove to Strasbourg, France which was about an hour from Colmar. The city was charming but definitely had more tourists than anywhere else we went on our trip. The cathedral had a lot of detail and the color was more of a red color which made it more unique than the other 100 churches we saw. We ate lunch which consisted of hot chocolate and a chocolate waffle. This place was recommended in one of the guide books so we decided to try it out. I’m pretty sure that was one of the biggest cups of hot chocolate I have ever seen.

We took a very crowded long boat ride on the canals. It was a covered boat which didn’t make it great for taking pictures. I think half of the boat was full of kids that were on a school field trip. Hopefully they don’t have a quiz on what they saw because most of them were asleep.

Since it was a larger city, I wanted to drive out of the city before people left work to go home. We went to pay at the machine at the garage before heading to our car but the ticket didn’t work. Luckily, there was a call button on the machine that called an employee down at the exit. He didn’t speak English and we couldn’t explain the issue in French so I had to explain to him in German that our ticket didn’t work. Somehow we got it all worked out in the end and he just guessed how much we owed.

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1 thought on “Strasbourg

  1. Oh yum! That chocolate waffle looks terrific. What a beautiful city. You certainly captured its charm.

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