Alsace Region

Alsace is full of vineyards and picturesque villages. Storks come to this region for the summer. The villages are full of houses that are half made of timber. One of the main reasons for this type of structures is because it is easy to remove the top half of the house and move it when floods happen. It takes a day to move the top part of the house to a dry area and another day to set it back up.

We spent an evening driving around to some of the different villages. I hear they are full of tourists during the day but it was sure quiet at night. You can actually walk or bike the wine route which would be a nice walk. We tried eating dinner in one of the villages but apparently their kitchen was closed and we could only order drinks.

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1 thought on “Alsace Region

  1. I am struck by the quaintness yet grandeur of this beautiful area. Thank you, Sweet Valerie, for this opportunity.

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