Zurich was our last destination before our 17 hour journey home.  Everything worked out perfectly for our drive from Colmar to Zurich.  We stayed at a hotel close to the airport for one night.  We returned our car and decided to take the train into the city.  I’m not sure what happened to the weather on that 15 minute ride but it went from a nice cloudy day to heavy rain.  The rain was so heavy we had to walk around the train station for 30 minutes until it passed.  Good thing the train station has over 50 tracks and plenty of shops.  We didn’t spend much time in the city as the rain didn’t really let up much.  The city does seem cute but it was very hard to take pictures hiding under an umbrella.

We got our flight the next morning and had a smooth 17 hour journey home with a stop in Newark.  Global entry and the TSA Pre were totally worth it as we got off the plane in Newark, through customs, picked up our suitcase and rechecked it, then back through security in 30 minutes.  The line for customs would have taken more than 30 minutes.

Thanks to everyone for their nice comments.  I will be back in a little over a month from a new country with my parents.


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