Isle of Iona

From Oban, we took a day tour to the Isle of Iona. It started by taking a 45 minute ferry ride from Oban to the Isle of Mull. Then we had an hour and fifteen minute bus ride to the other side of Mull to catch a 15 minute ferry to the Isle of Iona. There wasn’t much on Mull with the exception of one scary bus ride. There was only a single lane road and the traffic flies up and down the road. Our bus driver hit the brakes hard a number of times.

Many people make the journey to the Isle of Iona because it is believed that either the Book of Kells was written here or started here. We spent our two hours walking around. It was very windy but still warm enough to not need a jacket. I was surprised how nice and blue the water was. I never thought it would look that nice in the north.

Only residents are allowed to have cars on the island. There are places for people to stay but you have to leave your car on Oban or Mull. The island is a very cute place to walk around and relax. I didn’t take any of the free eggs but people were curious.

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4 thoughts on “Isle of Iona

  1. Fabulous blog – enjoying every minute. Now I really want to go to Scotland — so many places to see. Alise and Kasper arrived last night so we are having fun.

    • There might be a golf course or two that you might enjoy. I was thinking of you today as I walked by a golf course and then a tennis court. Looking forward to catching up with your family soon. Enjoy all that Kasper time. I hope you are taking a lot of photos and I can’t wait to see him in person.

  2. Thanks once again for sharing your awesome photos and travel log with us. After seeing your slide show I always feel like I’ve been there. I know you 3 are having a great time. Journey on!!
    Love, Frankie
    PS. Alise and Kasper arrived last night. I’m in heaven!! 🙂

    • I can’t wait to see Alise and Kasper soon. I’m sure Kasper is getting tons of attention. Hope you guys are taking a lot of photos. You would love it here. I remember you saying you like all the green scenes in Switzerland. It has been very green here and there are a ton of hikes and walks. There is never enough time to get to do everything.

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