Hike on the Isle of Skye

There are plenty of hikes to do on the Isle of Skye but I don’t think I picked the right one at the right time. I didn’t know what kind of walk it was so we started up this muddy trail. Once we realized that it was steep and rocky, I kept going on my own. We thought it was just a short walk up a hill. I’m not sure how long I hiked, but I don’t think I ever saw what I was supposed to. I hiked until I was in the fog and rain before turning around. Besides it was just me and a bunch of goats up there.

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4 thoughts on “Hike on the Isle of Skye

  1. This sounds like dozens of hikes the “Hikin’ Guys have done over the years!! You have to do a few of these so you really appreciate the good ones.

    • Well I have plenty of old goats hiking with me but the old goats you are referring to are stubborn and don’t like their photos taken 😉

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