Black Isle, Scotland

We did a day trip from Inverness to the Black Isle today. It actually isn’t black or an island but a peninsula. Dolphins are frequently seen in the waters around the Isle so we drove to an area where people usually see them. We weren’t really there at a good time for the tides but the beach was lovely so we walked the beach for an hour to another town. The weather was perfect. Not sure I have ever had such nice weather at a beach in Oregon. A golf course and a campground were right next to the beach so I just hoped that nobody hits a golf ball like me. We ate lunch at the town we walked to and then walked back along the path along the golf course. I did see a dolphin on our walk back but it was very brief.

We later took a very fancy 4 car ferry. I was the last car on. I couldn’t figure out how the two cars on my right were facing the right way to get off. It was a funny ferry because you just drive down to the sand and up on the boat. Once we arrived on the other side, the two cars facing the right way got off and then I went to back off thinking I was next. They operator told me to stop. The car in front of me was on a turn table that turns cars around to face the correct way so once he turned that car around, I could pull forward and they turn our car around for us. Made it so much easier then me backing up the beach.

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