The Old Course, St Andrews

We took an interesting tour of the Old Course, St Andrews this morning. It was supposed to be 50 minutes long but the guy talked for closer to 1 hour 45 minutes. If you were here on a Sunday, you could do a 3 hour tour and walk the whole 18 holes which is 4 miles long.

I did learn that all property in Scotland belongs to the “people” meaning there is no private land which includes the golf courses. So you can walk across the golf course and there are even roads that go through the middle of the course and fairways. Golf is not allowed on Sundays at the Old Course and you will see people using it as a park instead of golf. You can belong to private golf clubs but that basically just gets you into a building not a golf course.

The open will be held here next year (it is here every 5 years). I can only imagine how busy it is here when they have a major tournament. If one is lucky enough to win the lottery to get to play on the Old Course, it will cost you 160 gbp and 45 gbp for a caddie.

Our tour basically was around the 18th hole. They build grandstands around the 18th hole when they have the Open so it looks different today than it will on tv next summer.

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