All travels must come to an end at some point so I’m sad to say Edinburgh is it. We had a busy day touring around the city. We took some bus trips around the city and visited the very crowded castle. I was happy we bought a ticket earlier in the day to visit the castle because the line for the castle ticket office was an hour and half long. Edinburgh has more parks than any other European city so it is a good city for me. I really enjoy walking through green spaces rather than walking down the busy streets.

We had really great weather on the trip. We had a little rain this evening but it was still warm. I learned a lot about a country that I have ties to. Tomorrow we turn our car in. We drove over 1,000 miles and covered almost the whole country. They have an important vote coming up in September on whether or not to become an independent country so you might hear about Scotland in the news soon. We fly back to London tomorrow and then eventually get back home. I’m already looking forward to planning my next trip…but that won’t be until next year. I guess I should get back to work 🙂

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