We spent the day wandering the streets of Seville. It is very easy to get lost on all of the narrow winding streets. I almost got run over just opening the door this morning since there isn’t a sidewalk.

They have some really pretty purple trees that are blooming right now, and I have been entertained with all the little oranges that have fallen off the trees kicking them down the street. I almost got hit in the head at dinner tonight when a little orange the size of a walnut fell off and hit the table right in front of me.

We were going to spend some time in a park today but when we entered the park a lady had something stolen and the guy took off on bike. Somebody yelled and 3 police officers took off on foot. I’m not sure what happened as we just saw the lady diving after the guy on the bike, but we decided to not spend too much time in the park. We went and visited the site where they held the World’s Fair a couple of times and Star Wars filmed one of their movies.

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