Granada, Spain

We picked up our very bright royal blue Skoda car this morning and drove three hours southeast to Granada. The scenery was pretty much olive trees and sunflower fields with the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the distance.

Granada is similar to Seville but with a lot fewer people. It is also a big university town with about 80,000 students attending the University of Granada. We had to spend the first part of our afternoon trying to find something for lunch. It was 5:00 so we just missed the lunch time and were about 3 and half hours away from dinner time. One of the only things you can find besides drinks is the churros and thick chocolate drinking sauce. Once you finish the churros you are then supposed to drink the thick chocolate.

The main sight to see in Granada is the castle of Alhambra. We have reservations to see that tomorrow which we had to get months in advance. We walked a scenic route to see the view of the Alhambra to watch the sunset. It was pretty cold up there and I can’t say I felt very safe sitting up there for an hour. We caught a taxi back down and tried to find a place for dinner. It was barely after 8 and nobody was eating yet. We finally found a place that was serving dinner and I tried 2 very rare pieces of pork. We have a nice room with a balcony and a view of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

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