Cueva de la Pileta

We arrived in Ronda Sunday afternoon. We are staying at lovely place surrounded by vineyards. The owner was giving a wine tour that night so we joined in, and we got to sample the three different types of wines they produce.

We visited a cave on Monday morning and it was one of the most speculator caves I have been in. Pictures and videos weren’t allowed in the cave (cell phones had to be off as well so they don’t harm the bats) but if you google the title of this post you should be able to find some youtube videos of the caves. The cave had many drawings dating back thousands of years ago. They believe some of the drawings are 30,000 years old. They also found some remains in the cave which date to 8,000 years old. Two of the remains were moved to museums but 1 of the remains (which is not where the public walks) is still in the cave because it petriefied into the cave. Some of the drawings didn’t make sense to me but I could always make out the horses eventually, and the person and the seal once the tour guide pointed them out for us. I also found it interesting that they were able to make red and yellow by using the fat of animals mixed with different minerals. The cave was well worth the 100 stairs to get to the entrance and another 243 in the cave. However it was very slippery and hard to see since only every other person had a light.

Since I could only take a picture of the cave entrance, I included some pictures of the surrounding hills. This area is quite beautiful and more peaceful than the cities we started with in the trip.

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