We took a scenic 2 hour drive from Ronda to Gibraltar. The drive was magnificent but not recommended for those that get car sick. It was constant turns the whole way. We parked our car on the Spanish side and then walked across the border. You just wave your passport in the air showing you have some sort of documentation but they honestly don’t even look. You are walking with a herd of people so there is no way they would catch if you weren’t holding anything. On the other hand, if you drive across the border they do a thorough search of your car. We probably saved 2 hours by just walking across the border. This is also the closest I have been to Africa since, from Gibraltar, you can see Morocco across the Straight of Gibraltar.

Once you are on the Gibraltar side of the border, you can either take a bus to town or walk in. Either way, you go across the airstrip from the International Airport. They just say to look left, right and up to see if there are any planes. I never saw a single plane the whole time we were there.

I can’t say Gibraltar was my favorite place. We took the cable car up the rock and had nice views but the town itself wasn’t very charming. I guess it is one of those places that I can say I have been to but probably don’t need to go back.

There were apes (they call them that, but they are really a type of monkey) at the top of the rock. The video is probably half apes, but they were one of the highlights of the trip to the top. They do like to hop on the cable car when it arrives to see what they can steal from the tourists. When I got back on to go back down the cable car driver told me to watch out because I had my sunglasses on my head, and the monkeys had stolen a hat off a guys head just the other day.

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