Dyrhólaey and Reynisfjara, Iceland

After seeing a couple of waterfalls, we drove further south to the North Atlantic where they have black beaches and puffins. The puffins were pretty hard to see since most of them were in cliffs but occasionally a couple of would come out. The black sand was more like gravel but it was still different that the beaches at home. They had a lot of warnings about sneaker waves and there were a couple of waves that definitely did come in a lot further than normal. There really isn’t a lot of places to stop between these stops to go the bathroom so we opted eat at the cafeteria there. I had a bowl of turnip soup which turned out to be my lunch and dinner. We decided at this point that we would drive another 2 and half hours to visit a lagoon.

Here are some pictures from Dyrhólaey and Reynisfjara.


If you look closely at one picture, you will spot a crazy guy swimming in the ocean.

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