Start of the Golden Circle

After a long day of driving, we started out on our second day of driving around visiting the sights. This time, the drive would only be about a total of 4 and half hours on the a route called the Golden Circle.

The first stop was at Pingvellir National Park. The park is important to Iceland’s history as it is where settlers settled in the 900’s and met here two weeks a year to set laws and settle disputes. The park is actually part of an active volcanic area although it was pretty quiet when we were there.

Efsti-dalur was a restaurant that we stopped at on the way to the second sight. It is a very cute bed & breakfast that is also a farm and restaurant. Upstairs you can order food and watch the cows eat at the same time. Downstairs they have an ice-cream shop that also includes glass windows looking into the barn. All the food is local and it was a good place to stop in between the park and the next sight.

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