Earth Pryamids

One of the reasons we picked Bolzano as a place to stay is that you can do so many different type of things without getting the car out.  One of the first things we decided to do was take a funicular up one of the mountains.  From there we took a train to the end of the line.  The total journey was about 45 minutes.  Once we got off, we were able to walk and see the Earth Pyramids.  It was a small patch of rock formations on top of clay that has been eroding.

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It was a pretty easy walk and nice weather so we decided to keep walking on the trail.  Little did we know that at noon every Saturday, they sound emergency alarms in the mountains in this area.  We about jumped off the mountain it scared us so much.  We thought it meant there was thunder and lightning so we were trying to figure out where we would get shelter.  We later learned that they do this every Saturday as practice.  They use the alarms to alert of fires.  Gave us a good laugh once we were back and safe.


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