What A View

We headed to the mountains yesterday with the hope of finding a little cooler weather.  We had to take a couple of trains but we made it to the top of Monte Generoso.  The views were breathtaking and we got to hike around.   On a clear day, you can see across Switzerland and Italy.  We were able to see Lake Como from the top.

The mountain is actually on the border of Italy and Switzerland.



Oh there are so many choices…how can I ever choose one?


We chose this one.  It looked pretty flat from the top.


Why did we hike down…now we have to walk back up.

SONY DSCWhat a great day.  I’m pretty sure I could hike in the Alps everyday.  A farmer let their cows and sheep out before we made it back to the train.  There might have been one cow that made me run in the other direction.  They are a lot bigger when they walk right up to you.  It was a perfect last day in Lugano.

Here are more pictures:

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