Driving to Galway

We drove from Dublin on the east coast to the Galway on the west coast on Sunday.  The drive was very easy and not much traffic.  There also weren’t a lot of towns.  It was pretty much just green and rocky scenery the whole drive.  Since we were going to be very early to check-in to our next accommodation, we decided to drive a little north and see a couple of sights.

The first stop was at a castle.  As you walk up to it, it doesn’t look like something you can really go in but you actually were able to climb in the main tower.  Then we headed on to Clifdon which a a cute small town.  There is a road in Clifdon which is called the Sky Loop Road.  It is a narrow road that winds around with breathtaking views of the Atlantic.  I was able to enjoy the views but really was more worried about cars coming at me because there wasn’t a lot of space to pull over and let a car by.  There weren’t any pullouts to take pictures but it was well worth the drive.


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