Aran Islands

We took a ferry over to the Aran Islands for the day.  We visited the largest island which is 9 miles long and 3 miles wide.  However, they have over 7,000 miles of stone walls.  Most of them were created to build the plots of land and for farming.  They don’t have many sheep on the island but they do have a lot of cattle.  They also speak only Gaelic on the island but they all know English for the tourists.  It was pretty misty out in the morning which meant I had to sit inside on the ferry.  We took a tour in a van…the other alternative was horse and carriage.  The driver was a local who also is a cattle rancher.

Of course the sun came out when we were getting ready to leave the island.  It was nice to see the sun for a little bit and sit outside on the ferry ride back.  If you see a small house next to the house that looks pretty identical to the main house, that is the house for the leprechauns.

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