Dingle Peninsula

We spent yesterday driving around the Dingle Peninsula.  It was a pretty short drive but we made it take all day by stopping at all of the sights.  Luckily our B&B host told us which direction to go because some of the road isn’t wide enough for two lanes of traffic. We followed the same direction that the tour busses go so we didn’t have to backup for busses.

One of our first stops was to feed some goats.  They sure are bossy about getting food.  Then it was a lot of beautiful green hills and bright blue/green Atlantic.  We had sunny but very windy weather.  I do love that all of the wild flowers and fuchsias are in bloom right now.

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Another very interesting stop was at stone building which is about 1300 years old.  The roof is formed by the gradual rise of the side walls from the base upwards.  The impressive architecture keeps the inside completely dry after several centuries of harsh Atlantic winters.

There are also quite a few Beehive Huts still standing on the peninsula.  The peninsula has a lot to see and is very beautiful.

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