Architecture of Buenos Aires

I have to keep reminding myself that I’m in South America and not Europe. We did a walking tour of Buenos Aires and a lot of their buildings are very similar to what you would see in Europe. We only saw a fraction of Buenos Aires but I was very impressed by how walkable the city was. Our tour guide was very good and spoke perfect English. There was about 50 people in our group which I think would be hard to keep everyone together. Especially when you try crossing the worlds widest avenue in the world. At one point we crossed 20 lanes of traffic. They say it is hard to make it all the way across at one time so you do have to wait awhile for lights to change again.

We learned a lot about Malvinas (Falkland Islands) and the war between Argentina and UK. The guide also taught us about the history of Argentina and how their currency is fluctuating a lot right now.

Since they have a lot of European influence here, there is a lot of pizza and pasta. Italians were actually the largest group of immigrants here from Europe after World War II. The walking tour was around 3 and half hours, however it wasn’t really spent walking as much as listening to a lot of information.

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