Back to Buenos Aires

We have spent the last couple of days exploring Buenos Aires more before heading home. After walking ten plus miles each day, I still don’t feel like I have seen everything. As crazy as the drivers are here, I would have to admit that you can usually figure out what they will do. Buses will honk at you when crossing the street and I’m pretty sure they don’t have any intention of stopping if you don’t hurry up. We have seen lines for buses that must be 50 people long but they have a very organized line. Their regular busses (picture below on left) look pretty new and colorful. Their school busses (picture below on right) look like they are 40 years old and have curtains. I’m pretty sure they don’t have AC on the school busses and even saw one driving with the door open. I do like the curtains though.

I have enjoyed walking around the city getting a sense for daily life. It is loud and chaotic but they do have plenty of parks to escape to. We walked to the river (Rio de la Plata) which is very brown. Uruguay is on the other side of the river but it is about 18 miles to cross it.

I know how this dog feels after walking around Buenos Aires. My feet are ready for a break.

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