Brussels, Belgium

We spent the day walking around Brussels. This is my first visit to Brussels and I really enjoyed it. I had a lot of people ask me before coming here on why I was visiting Brussels. It gave me the impression that it wasn’t a very nice city to visit. But I found a lot of charm to the city. It feels more like a city to live in than just a tourist stop. Of course there are a lot of tourists and this is the capital of the European Union but it is very walkable and clean city.

They have one of the most beautiful squares I have ever been to. The buildings are very large and renaissance architecture. I could spend a lot of time in the square just looking at the buildings and all of the people. We visited their famous statue of a little boy peeing on the way to the square. It amazes me how many people take a picture of a little statue. They actually dress the little boy in different costumes and today, he was wearing the soccer jersey from Barcelona. Yesterday, he was wearing the Tour de France yellow jersey. They are very excited here because the Tour starts in Brussels this year.

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