Last day in Lisbon

Yesterday was our last day in Lisbon before starting the journey home. We started the morning by taking a tram tour of the some of the famous hills in Lisbon. We figured it was much better to do a tour instead of waiting in the very long line for the public tram to go the same route. It was a pleasant tour and we had a seat the entire time and could watch the driver. Some of the streets are so narrow that one one tram will fit at a time and people have to give way to the tram because it is so close to the houses. Everything was going smoothly until we got to one area where a car didn’t park properly. The tram tried to get by but the driver ended up calling the police to tow the car. So we had to wait about a half an hour for that fun to end.

After the two hour tram ride, we headed to the train station. It is a 40 minute train ride to Cascais which is on the Atlantic Ocean. The train is only $1.50 so it is a bargain to take the public transportation. The town was better than expected and it was one of the cuter towns we went to. They had cute cafes to eat outdoors and a nice park. Monday was a national holiday in Portugal so the park was full of locals playing in the park. You could basically bike the same trail from downtown Lisbon to the same town we were in so we decided to walk back on some of the trail next to very nice beaches and pretty blue/green water. I’m sad the trip is coming to an end but I have loved seeing new places and always look forward to planning another trip.

I have been keeping a collection of some of my favorite tile from Portugal. This is only a small percentage of all the tile I have seen the last couple of weeks but I love the tile here. Here are some of my favorites.

1 thought on “Last day in Lisbon

  1. I enjoyed your post as always./ Portugal seemed to be a very clean country. You will have to make an adjustment to the dust at 2525.

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