Costa Rica

The quick trip to Costa Rica is coming to an end. The people were all so friendly and helpful. I had some great food and the scenery was beautiful. I’m pretty sure there is a gecko living in the hotel room as there is some mysterious chirping noises at night. Once night, stuff started falling from the ceiling so I know there was something up there. Tamarindo was a great first experience to Costa Rica, and I know I’ll be back to explore more. Perhaps my planning wasn’t perfect. Rainy season really does mean it will rain a lot. And when it rains the mosquitoes are out to get you. Pretty sure I had over 20 bites on the first day. It was hot and humid every minute of the day, sunscreen and bug spray was always a must but I can see why Costa Rica is considered to be a Blue Zone. A Blue Zone is an area where residents enjoy an extraordinary long, healthy lifespan. Residents in a Blue Zone can often live to over 100 years old.

I’m going to miss my breakfast buddy.

I watched a lot of ants carry a lot of things around. And they are really hard to actually vidoe.

i felt like this crab really wanted help getting back to the ocean.

PS-it made it back to the ocean.😁

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