Versailles, France

We drove from Loire Valley to Versailles this morning. It was a little surprising to wake up and have the temperature be 38. It definitely feels like fall already here. Driving has been pretty easy on this trip but France does have a lot of tolls on the highways. And you have to make sure you don’t miss your exit because it is always another half an hour before your next exit. I did miss one exit yesterday which added to the toll and at least 30 minutes.

We are only in Versailles one night. Basically it is a lot closer to get to the airport tomorrow morning for the flight home instead of driving a couple of hours. Since we had the day in Versailles, we went over to the palace. The palace is only 12 miles from Paris and is one of the most visited sights in the world. We only visited the grounds and didn’t go into the palace as that would have taken a long time. We managed to walk the grounds for 4 hours and never really saw the same thing twice.

The palace was built in the 1600’s. The grounds have over 600 water features in 55 pools and fountains. On Sundays, some of the fountains are synced with classical music. To conserve water, they don’t have all the fountains on all day so you have to time when you see some of the fountains. There were a number of fountains that we never saw running.

Here is a short video of some of the fountains that are choreographed with music.

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