Botanical Garden – 2/25

Our one full day in Melbourne. A lot of ground to cover in a short time but we are both ready for the challenge. We eat our donuts and head out walking toward the botanical gardens. The weather was cloudy and windy but was pretty good picture taking weather. Botanical gardens are always one of my favorite places to go to take pictures.

They have some pretty unique plants on display here. Plants that I have never seen before. The only downside is that most things were done blooming since it is the beginning of fall here. I can only imagine how good it must smell in November when things are blooming. The air smelled good and there were a lot of birds chirping. I have never heard such loud birds before. I only wish I could see the bird that makes the sound. There were signs posted that said we should watch out for turtles crossing. Of course, I make the dumb comment that boy I don’t have my camera out if we see a turtle. I forget how slow a turtle moves that I should hope I’m fast enough to get the camera out.

While walking through the fern gully we saw a creepy thing in the water. Pretty sure that was an eel. Then the ground felt like it was going to sink. We were walking on asphalt but it like a section melted or something and it was squishy. Hard to explain but you literally didn’t feel right walking on that. We needed a snack to get us through so we stopped at a tea house for a scone. Since a plate of two scones was $7 AUD we decided to split it. It came with cream and jam. I guess we should have had some tea but I just have a hard time with some of the prices so I opted for the free water.

I was quite disappointed to see that the glass houses (green houses) were closed due to storm damage. So most of my photos contain a lot of green. Most colorful plants were done for the year but the greens still looked great. Click on the photo to see a slideshow.

Botanical Garden

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