Melbourne – 2/24

The jet lag is gone…actually I didn’t have any. It is really only a 6 hour time difference. I was very tired the first day here but I got a good night sleep. We did manage to walk around the city the first day here. My first observation was Melbourne is a city for young people who want the city life. It seems as some corners have 50 people waiting to cross the street. It was a bit overwhelming to walk in that when you don’t have a lot of sleep. Not to mention that it was raining. The weather has been like Portland so far.

We visited Victoria Market. It is a great market that reminds me a lot of the Naschmarkt in Vienna. You can buy all of your food at this market and more. The time to go is around closing and everything is sold at a good discount. We actually didn’t buy anything there but it was a good place to walk around. There was a donut truck that seemed pretty popular with the locals. $6 AUD for 6 donuts. Before leaving the market we just had to try the “American” donuts as the truck said. We got the six donuts and the man gave us 12. I love a good deal and now we have breakfast. The donuts were actually pretty good and had a very little bit of a cherry filling.

We ate at Pie Face for lunch. Pie Face is a chain serving savory pies. We each got a different one so we could try different kinds. We had a chicken curry pie and a ham egg and cheese. I’m beginning to sense that I will have a lot of working out to do when I get home. Probably doesn’t help me out that I’m watching Biggest Loser Australia while I’m writing. Food has been pretty hard to find so far and of course expensive. Below is a slide show of some photos from downtown Melbourne (click on the photo for the slideshow to play).

Downtown Melbourne

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