Down Under

Good day mate from Oz. I finally have arrived in Australia after traveling for a good 24 hours. The flight actually wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. The worse part of the flight was the family that was across the way. The two little kids were jumping on the seats and crying pretty much the whole time. The parents just put their headphones on and ignored them. You know the flight attendants were at wits end when they make a comment to us that those kids are terrors.

Arriving in Melbourne was pretty easy. The airport was pretty empty and I have never made it through customs so fast. It was quite funny getting out of the gate. You basically walk into the duty free shops with a lady trying to sell you things over the microphone. I thought I was more in an auction than an airport. Before getting out of the baggage area they make you put all your bags on the ground when the cutest Beagle sniffs all of your bags. That little dog looked so happy to be working. I would have taken a photo of it if cameras were allowed in there. Which leads to me to the only photo I took in the airport. I couldn’t resist. I had to use my phone since cameras weren’t allowed (I guess I ignored the photo of no phones.) This sign was in the loo above each toilet. Do they really need to explain to people how to use the toilet?

From Airport

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