More Ocean Animals…

Never thought I would spend a lot of my trip at animal parks but yet again here I am at the aquarium and Ocean World. I would have to say that I have seen some of the strangest sea creatures. There are fishes that look like rocks and other ones that look like weeds. What a crazy world it is under the ocean.

Ocean World is located on Manly Beach just a short ferry ride away. Ocean World isn’t worth the trip by itself. We were more going over there for the beach but thought we would pop in there to see what they had. It was a small exhibit but we did see the feeding of the sharks and turtles by the divers. They only feed them 3 days a week at 11:00 and we just happen to be walking through exactly at that time. Pretty lucky timing I guess. The tank was pretty dirty since they were eating so the photos are hard to see but you can get the idea.

Syd Aqua

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