Wildlife Park

Well since we didn’t see any kangaroos out in the wild we had to pay money to go see a kangaroo. Since the weather was a bit rainy we decided to go for the pass that includes the wildlife park, aquarium and ocean world. The wildlife park contained butterflies, snakes, bees, koalas, crocodile (one of the world’s largest) and of course kangaroo. The crocodile was still when we first walked up to the exhibit but then it decided to go for a little swim. It seemed so effortless for this very large croc to move. It was pretty fun to watch it swim around in a circle. The kangaroos were probably my highlight of the park. We just missed the time where we could have our photo taken with the kangaroo but that was okay. I just enjoyed being right next to them in the exhibit. They can come right up to you (although they mainly just stay away). There were no females so I didn’t get to see a baby kangaroo in any pouches.

There are a couple of photos of Lego exhibits in there. They had some of the largest Lego exhibits I have ever seen including entire walls. Not sure why I didn’t try to become a Lego designer.

Widelife Park

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