Our plane didn’t leave Tassie until 5 so we had pretty much all day to explore.  We walked around Hobart around sunrise and then we sat outside and had breakfast.  The city is very cute and charming.  We then drove to the Tasman Peninsula.  The Tasman Peninsula is famous for the penal colony in Port Arthur.  We didn’t have time to actually walk around the colony but we did see some of the sites around the area.  One that really stuck out was the tessellated pavement.  The stones were perfectly created by the ocean and the salt.  How close the stones are to the water determined how the shape was formed.  The closer to the water the stones were more like loafs and further away from the water the shape was like a pan.  If you ever have a chance to visit Tassie then you really need to visit the tessellated pavement.  It is a very rare feature that is worth some time.  The photo slideshow are photos from around the Tasman Peninsula including the tessellated pavement and some of the beautiful cliffs around the area.


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