I wasn’t sure what to think Sydney would be like before arriving. Would it be a large city that just doesn’t have charm or would it be a city that just captures your eye? Sydney is by far one of the greatest large cities I have ever been to. Even though I’m staying in the central business district in a business hotel, I just feel at home in this city. They have great running paths and a huge botanical garden right next to the opera house. Of course everybody knows the famous opera house. Hard to believe that I have been standing right in front of it when usually it is just an icon that is on TV on New Years. I never did know that Sydney has thousands of bats. Yes, that is right bats. They live in the botanical gardens and make a lot of noise as they start to wake up. If you love bats then walk around the gardens around dusk. I on the other hand do not like bats but was also dumb enough to be walking through the park at night. Between the cockatoos and the bats, it was a flying creature nightmare for me.

I think Sydney is a lot like New York. It can offer something for everybody. Kids would love all the animal parks and beaches, adults would love the shopping and nightlife. I love all of it including the animal parks. Sydney seems like a great city to meet people and be out and about. The slideshow contains photos of the city and the botanical gardens (including a photo of the bats in the trees).


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