America’s Cup

Since I don’t have any knowledge about yachts I probably shouldn’t say much about the America’s Cup except that I thought it was pretty fascinating to watch.  This was my first yacht race and I actually didn’t know that watching yachts could be so entertaining.  We visited the village and walked around looking at the yachts.  We then headed to the lagoon near San Marco to find a place to watch.  All of the seats along the water were already taken so we had to stand.  Oh did I mention that it was sunny and I didn’t have any sunscreen on.  Since we didn’t know the race was taking place, I really wasn’t prepared to stand next to the water for a couple of hours.  The yachts did a couple of practice turns and then they disappeared for awhile.  We knew the race was about ready to start when all the helicopters started coming around the fans.  I’m amazed at how hard the yacht crews worked on getting the yachts turned and how far one side of the yacht can come out of the water.  As far as I can tell, Italy won this race by far.  I’m pretty sure South Korea and America hit yachts at one point.  I can now cross off watching a yacht race off my bucket list. (The last photo of the slideshow is an example of how many people were watching the race from one bridge.)

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