So after 2 nights in Venice, I can still say that even though the mass of people, it is well worth the visit.  This was my 4th time to Venice and I never get bored walking the canals and seeing how lost I can get.  I really recommend getting up early and seeing the city before all the cruise ships arrive.

Just my personal thoughts on Venice and Italy.  You can’t plan on having reliable internet service.  We had free interent in both hotels but it never worked.  The only sites that seemed to work were Italian websites.  Maybe they were screening what I wanted to do.  It was very frustrating.  Second, don’t count on having any TV to watch at night…you can’t even find the weather.  Lastly, the beds are most likely not comfortable.  The first night my bed and pillow were so hard that I actually dreamed that I was sleeping on a street and the curb was my pillow.  I had a pretty sore neck.  The second night the bed was a tad better but the pillow was flat as paper. 

I will leave you with some photos of Venice.  From the bridges to the canals, there is a new view every step you take.

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