Shake, Rattle & Roll

As if I needed help waking up for sunrise, this morning was a bit earlier for me.  There was an earthquake in Northern Italy and I felt the bed moving around 4:30.  I tried going back to sleep but I finally got up and started my day after I felt an aftershock in the 5:00 hour.  Sounds like there was some damage in Northern Italy.

You will notice a couple of photos that have locks on a bridge.  When people get married they go to the bridge and add a lock to the bridge.  Some are fancy and engraved with their names and some are written on the lock.  I really enjoy seeing the Julian Alps north of the city.  I was up at the castle pretty early in the day so the lighting made them pretty hard to see.

The hotel we are staying at is one of the best I have stayed at.  The free breakfast was amazing.  I was shocked when they brought up our luggage to the room and told us how to use everything in the room.  Even everything in the mini bar is free.  If you ever go to Ljubljana, stay at Hotel Cubo.

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