Leaving Venice En Route to Ljubljana

This morning we left crowded Venice for calm Ljubljana.  Our day included a boat to a train to a bus.  Everything went pretty smoothly until we waited for this so called bus.  For some reason, Italy stopped train service to Slovenia last fall.  There were also no flights available.  Car rental was very expensive.  The only option we could find was a direct bus from Venezia Mestre to Ljubljana.  There is one bus a day.  We bought our tickets a couple of weeks ago but there wasn’t much instruction on how to find the bus.  We saw on a travel site that someone said to leave the train station and cross the street.  We should find a colorful bus on the other side of the street.  We waited and waited for a nice colorful bus.  As time got closer, Bridget finally went and asked another bus driver where our bus was.  I watched the luggage as it wasn’t the nicest place to hang out.  He said that the gray mini van ahead was what we were looking for and we better hurry.  We get to this little van and there are already 6 other people in the van.  The driver had to adjust the luggage for my large suitcase and we had to sit in the front seat.  I had the middle front seat next to the driver and since it was a manual, I had no leg room.  We drove for a little over 2 hours and made it to Ljubljana. 

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