Piran, Slovenia

Piran is on the Adriatic Sea and you can see Italy to the north and Croatia to the south.  We found a place to eat right on the water.  I really could have stayed at the table all day just staring at the sea.  People just climb down the ladders that are along the walkway and go swimming.  Pretty crazy to me since I saw plenty of jelly fish when I was walking by the fishing boats. 

The town is small,l and you can walk up the hill to get a good view of the city.  Pretty crazy to think that I was 170 meters below ground in the cave and then I end the day with a magnificent view of the Adriatic.  The stairs up the fortress were like climbing a ladder.  I was pretty sure that I would fall at some point.  Visiting Piran was well worth the 2 hour drive.  It is relaxing to drive by fields of olive tree farms and to walk around the Adriatic.  Can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds but I’m pretty sure that it can’t beat the day I had.

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