Bohinj, Slovenia

Lake Bohinj is the largest natural permanent lake in Slovenia and is about 30 minutes from Bled (don’t ask what is the non-permanent largest lake is).  As you drive from Bled to Bohinj you are surrounded by Alps so you always have a nice view.  The road is a nice country road with a lot of curves.  I have yet to get a photo but because Slovenia is so wet (maybe even more than Portland) they hang their hay to dry.  They are cute wood covered drying racks. 
Bohinj seems like an outdoors person’s paradise.  I wish I was writing to tell you I went paragliding off of the mountain we went up but that just isn’t for me.  Instead I pay money to ride the gondola up the mountain and back down.  The gondola is used in the winter to transport the skiers up to their playground.  Stunning ski slopes and cross country trails.  They say that the ski season goes to early May but I didn’t see any snow so maybe this was a quiet year for them.

In the summer, you can pick from a number of hiking trails.  A lot of the hikes recommend mountaineering equipment, map and sometimes a mountain guide.  Since we didn’t have any of that, I guess a hike up in the Alps wasn’t for this trip.  Although I do have my eye on one hike up there.  The description sounds interesting: “Leading along the mountain ridges was the old Italian – Yugoslav border.  Therefore, the area abounds in remains of border stones and various military buildings.”  Anyone want to volunteer to do this hike with me?

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